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Code of Ethics
As a Member of PPNC, all members will agree to:

Endeavor to maintain a dignity of manner in their behavior, in the presentation of their behavior, in the presentation of their photography and photographic services, in their appearance and that of their studio or place of business, and in all other forms of public contact

At all times endeavor to produce photographs of a quality equal or superior to the samples displayed, to apply their best efforts toward providing the best possible photographic craftsmanship.

Show a friendly spirit of cooperation to other photographers and assist them whenever possible should they be in trouble or difficulty.

To refrain from payments or "kick-backs" and/or commissions to persons, firms, and organizations for influence with consumers where such person, firm or organization renders no service.

To advertise only bona fide prices and products and to refrain from the use of "bait" advertising methods.

Assist other photographers and share their knowledge with them and encourage them individually and collectively to achieve and maintain the highest standards of quality.

Recognize the authority of this Association in all matters relating to the interpretation of this Code in accordance with the statues of the United States and the various state and the decisions of courts and the governmental agencies of competent jurisdiction.


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Professional Photographers of North Carolina
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